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Deck Restore
Deck Restore™ is the smart alternative to deck replacement. It revives and protects wood surfaces such as wood and composite decking, stairs, docks and more.

Deck Restore™ is water based, low odor and fills up to 1/4" cracks.

DECK RESTORE™ is a durable coating product formulated to resurface most wooden and composite decks while providing lasting protection against moisture and the damaging effects of the sun. Designed for a variety of applications, it is the most cost effective, and environmentally conscious way to revitalize wood surfaces.

DECK RESTORE™ can be applied over most outdoor wood surfaces to achieve a new finished look free of cracks and exposed splinters, often better than new! The coating is easily applied with a roller or brush and dries within hours to form a tough, resilient surface that will look beautiful and last for years with little maintenance.

This pre-mixed polymer coating contains a unique blend of synthetic and mineral pigments proven to retain its physical properties including flexibility for years in actual exposures. DECK RESTORE™ is slip resistant, flexible and chip-resistant even in cold weather. The tough film helps to resist blistering and peeling and recoats may extend the life of the system indefinitely.